Appraisal Fee Schedule
Effective October 15, 2017

Appraisal Products Provided:Fee
FNMA Form 1004 (URAR) – Standard Non-Complex Residential$525
FNMA Form 1073 (Individual Condo Unit)$525
FNMA Form 2055 (Exterior Inspection Only)$400
FNMA Form 1075 (Indiv. Condo-Exterior Inspection Only)$400
FNMA Form 1004D (Update of prior appraisal)$300
FNMA Form 1004D (Certification of completion – Final Inspection)$150
FNMA Form 1025 (2-4-Family Residential)$1,000
FNMA Form 1007 (Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule)$200
FNMA Form 216 (Operating Income Statement)$200
Complex Residential (large or unusual homes, atypical lots, etc.)Quote
Custom New Construction from Plans & SpecsQuote
Commercial Appraisal AssignmentsQuote
Vacant Land AssignmentsQuote

All fees include delivery of completed appraisal reports in PDF, XML or AI Ready format via email or upload to client web site. Third party vendor or AMC fees will be added to above quoted fees. We charge no add-on fees for FHA, VA or Conventional appraisals. All appraisal services are performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).