The Principals

Thomas E. Tobin is a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser and the Principal Real Estate Broker for Scope Real Estate, holding active Virginia licenses in both areas of expertise. He also holds a Residential Accredited Appraiser designation (RAA), with the Appraisal Section of the National Association of Realtors. Tom earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance and Management, along with an English Minor, from Virginia Tech (1984). He is an FHA approved appraiser and a VA-Panel appraiser, and performs real estate appraisals and valuation services for mortgage lenders and a variety of other client groups and individuals. Mr. Tobin works with family law attorneys, certified mediators, real estate attorneys, trust lawyers, and executors of estates, appraising properties for divorce cases, property disputes, and estate settlements. He has provided expert witness testimony in several jurisdictions in Northern Virginia, and has over 28 years of experience in real estate appraisal and sales.

Although Tom’s first real estate expertise was in the appraisal arena, he quickly realized that real estate sales would be the perfect complement to his career. So he obtained his real estate agent’s license in 1987 and his broker’s license in 1996, and has consulted hundreds of buyers and sellers in their home sales transactions. Tom is a devoted husband, father, president of a local home owners’ association, real estate investor, and an amateur baseball and softball player.

Kevin E. Kielsgard (in memoriam) was a consummate real estate professional. He loved everything about his real estate career, and he derived great joy from using his vast knowledge to assist others. That’s probably why he became a real estate instructor, supplementing his many other credentials. Kevin held Certified General Appraisal licenses in three different jurisdictions (Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC), with a GAA accreditation from the Appraisal Section of NAR, and he was also a licensed Real Estate Broker in all three jurisdictions. Additionally, he was a licensed Real Estate Instructor, a Virginia Certified Real Estate Appraisal Instructor, and a nationally Certified Instructor for the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Mr. Kielsgard was also an FHA approved appraiser and a VA-Panel appraiser, and he worked on a variety of interesting residential and commercial appraisal assignments over his accomplished career. Mr. Kielsgard provided consulting services as a contract appraisal investigator to the Washington, D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, and served as an expert witness for the Washington, D.C. Attorney General’s Office. He worked with the White Collar Crime Division of the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice, performing appraisal and USPAP compliance reviews, and assisting attorneys in the prosecution of real estate fraud cases. Kevin was a loyal husband, father, business partner and friend, and while he is truly missed at Scope Real Estate, his vision for integrity and professionalism lives on.

Kevin’s Inspiring Words